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Associated Journals

Associated Journals are related to the Transdisciplinary Engineering conference series. Recommended TEconf. papers will be invited for extension and submission.

Overview of Associated Journals

Journal of Aerospace Operations

The Journal of Aerospace Operations (JAO) will publish articles that advance the field of aerospace operations and will focus on theoretical, empirical, and case based research. The goal of JAO is to promote a Value Operations Methodology that advances the capability to improve, optimize and evolve more complete solutions. This will include a fundamental interest in a wide range of generic expertise and modeling techniques ranging from mathematical modeling and optimization, expert systems, agent based modeling, integration techniques, complex systems and complexity modeling, decision analysis, simulation, econometrics, stochastic modeling, queuing theory, knowledge engineering, gaming theory, graph theory, and computing and information technologies. 

International Journal Electronic Business Management 

International Journal of Electronic Business Management (IJEBM) is an academic journal published quarterly in March, June, September and December. By expediting information infrastructure and broadband network construction, establishing interconnected networks, improving the environment, building Internet security, universalizing information network education, enhancing research and development and expanding international cooperation, our international journal hopes to promote and accelerate the progress of high-quality e-business, e-industry, e-government and e-society. 

International Journal of Agile Systems and Management

International Journal of Agile Systems and Management (IJASM) is an academic journal published quarterly in March, June, September and December. IJASM ( addresses agility, responsiveness, competitiveness and management of systems, defined as regularly interacting or interdependent groups of items or bodies forming a unified whole. IJASM highlights systems specified, designed, controlled, implemented, commissioned, operated, serviced or maintained with human and society requirements in mind. Examples include engineering assets, environment, building, transport, computers, supply chains, manufacturing, enterprises, and complex engineering products such as aircraft. IJASM acknowledges the need for better understanding of content/context/processes in systems and their interaction with the ever-changing environment. In the past IJASM has invited related CE2013 and CE2014 papers for extension and submission. Authors who are interested in IJASM have to contact  John Mo  ( and Josip Stjepandic ( for further information.


Transdisciplinary Lifecycle Analysis by Means of Artificial Intelligence

Transdisciplinary Lifecycle Analysis by Means of Artificial is a Research Topic of journal Frontiers in ROBOTICS AND AI. The main purpose of this Research Topic is to offer an overview of the current state of maturity and utilization of artificial intelligence in transdisciplinary lifecycle analysis. Contributors are expected from academia and industry to demonstrate the versatility of KBE technology. With this call for participation we address contributions related to the definition of knowledge in an engineering context and the state-of-the-art of various applications in research. Three particular areas of research are in focus: knowledge structuring, maintainability of knowledge and KBE applications, and the assessment of the technological progress and weaknesses of commercial KBE applications like KBE templates. In addition to quality, originality, and applicability, the selection criteria for articles includes proposed methods relevant to engineering approaches with respect to their advances in knowledge analysis and synthesis, research applicable and related to knowledge-oriented process chains (including design, supply, and maintenance), and methods to transdisciplinary analysis and decision making. 


Relevant Journals

Advanced Engineering Informatics

The journal Advanced Engineering Informatics has published several special issues on the basis of CEconf. papers in past years. Authors who are interested in ADVEI have to contact Amy Trappey ( for further information with respect to future opportunities.